Ours is essentially the age of internationalization and information. As nations and races interact with each other, there arise many issues which concern politics, economics, and the environment.
In order to confront these international issues, people need to see things globally. By crossing borders, people will find there are diverse races and cultures in the world. It may seem that they are quite different from us and even strange. It is important, however, that people respect and accept differences instead of ignoring or refusing them.
You may wonder what you can learn in the Department of International Culture Studies at Gifu City Women's College . We offer students three areas of study: Understanding of Other Cultures, Communication Skills in Language and Information Management, and Related Subjects

Studies in Understanding of Other Cultures aims toward increasing students' understanding of other cultures. Among the courses offered are :
  • Comparative Cultural Studies
  • Cultural Anthropology
  • Japanese Cultural Studies
  • Asian Cultural Studies
  • European Cultural Studies

Students can broaden their cultural awareness and acquire a global perspective.
Communication Skills in Language and Information Management enables students to develop their language competency and information management skills.@It includes :
  • Cross Cultural Communication
  • four levels of English Conversation
  • Chinese Conversation
  • Information in Society
  • Mass Media
  • Introduction to Computer Science
  • two levels of Information Management
Students can also choose from Related Subjects, which are electives designed to expand their knowledge of world issues.
They are :
  • International Relations
  • World Affairs
  • International Economics
  • Social Psychology
  • Tourism
  • Hotel Management

In the first semester of the second year, each student chooses a seminar which is suited to her individual interest. Seminars offer students the opportunity to develop useful research skills.
The final stage in the seminar is writing a graduation thesis. Students are encouraged to construct and develop individually selected areas of specialized inquiry.
Last but by no means least, our department has developed ties with overseas universities to promote international friendship and academic exchange. We have organized summer programs in China, South Korea and USA.
If you are interested in the Department of Cross Cultural Studies, please contact us for further information.

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