A Message from the President


At Gifu City Womenfs College, our goal is to provide young women with an education that is both broad and deep, and nurture in them a comprehensive decision-making ability.  At the same time, we endeavor to provide them with the necessary knowledge and skills that will help them to become productive members of society.  Furthermore, it is our aim to grow a pool of talented young people who will be able to contribute to the development of the local community.

 Already 15 years have passed since the dawn of the 21st century.  During the latter half of the 20th century, the overwhelming development of communication technology, and financial and economical internationalization created a rapid globalization throughout the world.

 For young individuals who are just beginning to test their wings in todayfs world, gstrengthh is at the heart of what is most needed to enable them to live life to the fullest and build a better tomorrow.  Cultivation through education is neither an old-fashioned idea, nor does it constitute a complete and independent unit in itself.

 Classical literature has survived until the present age; it has continued to give people strength, so it is not merely a moss-covered thing of the past.  Rather, it is the very basis for our thoughts and ideas and, in that sense, it gives strength to us. In another way, it constantly revitalizes us and helps to breathe new life into the present. In this way, literature is excellent modern source of cultivation. 

With the advancement of technology, the world continues to change around us at a dizzying speed.  Surveying the world around us, we see it growing and expanding before our eyes.  The strength to comprehend such a world naturally includes an ability to understand science and technology, but it also must include the cultivation that comes from an all-round education.

 We lead a life in which we are constantly interacting with others who are different from ourselves. In order to get by in the world today, we must be able to comprehend those we encounter and the world we live in.  Intercultural understanding, which is frequently spoken of, does not constitute a complete and independent unit in itself; rather it is a premise for how we interact with those in the world around us.  It goes without saying that understanding those around us is entirely dependent upon a deeper understanding of ourselves. 

 For these reasons, at Gifu City Womenfs College, our aim is for a broad, deep cultivation through education.  Unless this cultivation is done for the purpose of understanding the world and those around us, one will be unable to grow the ability to make comprehensive decisions for onefs own self.

 In order to be of practical use to society, it is also necessary to have the knowledge and skills that are indispensable for each case. 

Towards this end, each of the four departments at Gifu City Womenfs College endeavors to give students the knowledge and skills needed in their field of study.  Through a broad and deep grounding in educational fundamentals combined with cutting-edge specialist knowledge, graduates from our college can look forward to a bright and appealing future.  It is our desire that all who enter our college will be able to make their dreams come true.

Hiroyuki Sugiyama
Gifu City Womenfs College

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