Our Educational Goals

     In accordance with the Fundamentals of Education Act, the School Education Act, all 
related laws and ordinances, and our own school regulations, Gifu City Women's College 
strives to provide an education for women that is both wide in scope and highly refined, 
as well as one that cultivates an ability to make well-informed decisions. We aim to 
make a contribution to the prosperity of the community by providing instruction in the 
arts and sciences while fostering the development of the whole individual and instill in 
students the necessary abilities which will enable them to perform as a productive members
of society. 

Changes at Gifu City Women's College

     Established under the educational system of 1946, the school became the first public 
women's college in the Tokai region. In 1949, then called Gifu Technical College, the 
school became a coeducational institution and, with a revision of the educational system 
the following year, the name was changed to Gifu Junior College. However, in 1954, the 
school reverted to an all women's college and was renamed Gifu Women's College. The final 
name change occurred in 1988 and the school has since been called Gifu City Women's College. 
     Over the last 66 years, we have sent out into the world many fine young people with an
exceptional record of performance. After careful study of how to best keep up with the 
changing times and meet the needs of the community, in April 2000 the school was relocated
from the rather small campus at Nagara Fukumitsu to our current location in the Hitoichiba 
area of Gifu City. Aiming to make the most of this fresh start, some changes were also made 
in our departments. A new department, the Department of International Culture Studies was 
created, and two departments were renamed: the Department of English and the Department of 
Apparel and Interior Design.

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